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“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”

 ― Dorothy Parker


hey friend.

i'm sarah, but you can call me swaxy. (she/her) 

I am a twenty something artist living in New York City, striving for perfection and constantly missing the mark. I like to muse on politics and mental health, and talk about the philosophy of being a human in a world that so often tries to dictate who we are. I want to have discussions and invite my peers and friends to open discussions of their own so I can learn how to be better. I'm not here to offer advice, or tell you who to be, in fact, I am completely and absolutely unqualified to do that. I am just here to share my experiences in hopes that it might start a discussion or make someone else feel not so alone. And maaaaybe I can make you laugh too. 



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Sarah Waxman

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